Wooden Camera Grips

Bolljävlar are wooden camera grips, handcrafted in Sweden. The handles can be mounted on everything from cinema cameras to follow focus rigs.

Bolljävlar offers perfect palm support, freeing up your fingers for other uses, like pulling focus and adjusting iris, without letting go of the handle.

A ball can be grabbed in a lot of different ways, giving it a clear ergonomic advantage over fixed handles on long days of shooting – and the symmetrical form lets you grab the handle from all angles, meaning fast changes in shooting height without the need to re-adjust the handles.

Handcrafted in Sweden

The handles are turned on a lathe by Magnus Högfeldt, who together with Martin Heleander founded Bolljävlar in 2023 in the south of Sweden.

We source the wood locally when possible. Our oak, for example, grew at Martins dads farm and are sawn on his own mill. We even do special limited batches of Bolljävlar if we get a hold of something special.

Buy Bolljävlar online

€19 flat fee shipping world wide 
Bolljävlar Oak
€120 ex VAT
Bolljävlar Oak
€130 ex VAT
Bolljävlar Walnut
€130 ex VAT

Customer thoughts

- Way more gentle to the wrists compared to other handles
- Better for shoulders and elbows
- A little less stable horizon
- Better looking than anything else

Andréas Lennartsson


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